After scheduling your first consultation, you will be invited to complete your medical history and provide information on your current symptoms. It is important that these questionnaires are uploaded to the portal at least three days prior to the scheduled consultation. If you have had recent medical testing or lab services, you are encouraged to also send these reports to the office or upload them to the portal.  Dr. Leazenby will spend considerable time reviewing your history and records in advance of your consultation. 

Having completed the requested medical information in advance will allow your time and investment at your first meeting with Dr. Leazenby to be spent developing a relationship and creating your individual treatment plan. Your initial consultation will be approximately 90 minutes and will include a review of your history, a physical exam, and working together on establishing a path forward for wellness. Your treatment plan may include collecting lab work, lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, medication, and/or referrals to other specialists. Follow-up visits of approximately 45 minutes each will be important to managing your treatment plan. These will be scheduled at a frequency and duration that is necessary for successful completion of your plan.


Functional medicine is a collaborative, team­-based approach to care and wellness. Each individual in the treatment team, including functional physician, primary care physician, specialty physician, nutritionist, massage therapist, health coach or other professional has meaningful insights and contributions to your care. As a holistic physician, it is Dr. Leazenby’s role to understand your entire treatment program and collaborate with other members as appropriate.  In order to meet the demand for functional medicine consultations, Dr. Leazenby does not provide primary care services. All of her patients are required to have a primary care provider so that they have access to acute care and standard screening tests.

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